a wubsite

It happens to be run by me. My name is Austin and I like computers sort of.


I write a lot of Haskell code and other stuff (security, cryptography, hardware design, etc). I currently work for these fine folks and independently on my own for others. (You can contact me directly if you want to discuss independent work on some schedule with me.)


projects and work

Here’s a curated set of things I work on. I also have some stuff on my public github page.

I also maintain some other minor stuff like libfault, the Haskell ed25519 library, and cryptol-mode.

Aside from all that, in past lives I’ve done things like exploit development and security research, filesystem implementation and backup/restore software, Linux distribution development, web development, distributed computing, etc.

These days I find myself doing hardware and low level stuff (embedded MCUs, FPGAs, sensor and peripheral programming, etc), and using tools like Haskell to accomplish that.


Very bad articles (including upcoming stuff)

recent posts

Longer than twitter, but shorter than a novel. I love to post.

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